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An “Organic Gluten-Free Vegan” Restaurant/Grocery/Indoor Growery (monastic farms) will Permanently Self-Fund the Monastery Building & Meditation Centers Network. In Asia people give children to the monasteries when they cannot financially afford to raise them. People support their local monastery temples. One can always stay in a temple for a few days; that is amazingly pure; the united States needs to get back to purity.

We need a vegan monastery; there must be a place for organic gluten-free vegan monastics.
Furthermore, many religions allow priests and monks to be married; it is time for married monastics not affiliated with those specific religions to have a place because they are called.
There must be quiet peaceful vegan places for people to meditate without distraction (Meditation Centers).

We are saving to build a monastery on acreage somewhere peaceful in nature at a high enough elevation.

We also want to help other monasteries expand.

🙂 Donate Here 🙂 Establishing the permanent self-funding arm is vital for our mission. Building a monastery is one thing, but to change the world positively, we need the money to launch the permanent self-funding arm to support a network of monasteries and Mass Meditation Centers. Very exciting because this is possible if people help us get started for the love of humanity and this world.

We have 2 Websites to bring awareness to the cause: &

We have,, and many other domain names routing to our sites ( : (Developing Village Agricultural Lots for Vegans & the Vegan Monastery)

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I’ve found, a “TM” organization (Transcendental Meditation) – which is a group based on a specific base method & offers “advanced methods” as well. The link is to a residence program for advanced meditators.

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To build monastic farming villages & mass meditation centers to change the world positively, the goal of the Self-funding arm launch is vital, paramount for the mission.

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