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For Sale:

JSHandmadeBySchiro (ETSY shop)
Crochet Stuffed Characters:
– Peanuts (Charlie Brown) Characters
– Winnie the Pooh Characters (Elephant – Lumpy coming soon)
– Pokemon Characters (Ash and Pikachu, so far – more coming soon)
– Custom work is also offered; that’s how Fat Italian Chef, Dough Boy, a Halloween character, and the flight-suit Pooh became available ( :

Seed & Plants Shop link coming soon

eBay items for sale to support the Monastery (eBay items link)


A Vegan Restaurant/Grocery (under one roof) Chain will self-fund the Monastery Building Network. If one haven’t lived in Asia for extended periods of time, one may not overstand how important monasteries are.

We need a vegan monastery in cities such as Metairie, Louisiana; there must be a place for monastics, those whom are called.
There must be quiet peaceful vegan places for people to meditate without distraction.

We are saving to build a monastery on acreage somewhere peaceful in nature at a high enough elevation, but until that time of building a larger monastery farm & restaurant to self-fund, there is also the possibility of funding a monastery here in Metairie, Louisiana.

We also want to help other monasteries expand.

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