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For Sale:

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An “Organic Gluten-Free Vegan” Restaurant/Grocery/Indoor Growery (under one roof) Chain will Permanently Self-Fund the Monastery Building & Meditation Centers Network. If one hasn’t lived in Asia for extended periods of time, one may not overstand how important monasteries are; people give children to the monasteries when they cannot financially afford to raise them. People support their local monastery temples.

We need a vegan monastery in cities such as Metairie, Louisiana; there must be a place for monastics, those whom are called.
There must be quiet peaceful vegan places for people to meditate without distraction (Meditation Centers).

We are saving to build a monastery on acreage somewhere peaceful in nature at a high enough elevation, but until that time of building a larger monastery farm & restaurant to self-fund, there is also the possibility of funding a monastery here in Metairie, Louisiana.

We also want to help other monasteries expand.

Donate Here Establishing the permanent self-funding arm is vital for our mission. Building a monastery is one thing, but to change the world positively, we need the money to launch the permanent self-funding arm to support a network of monasteries and mass meditation and prayer centers. Very exciting because this is possible if people help us get started for the love of humanity and this world.

We have many Websites to bring awareness to the cause, many of which will be combined into this one site (
Some simply have different verbiage to catch interest; the mother sites have the security certificates, if you are into that sort of thing ( : (Has Security Certificate)/ (Same Site – No Certificate) (Sharing Information that I have found and developed)
/ (Developing Village Lots for Vegans & the Vegan Monastery)

Bitcoin Donations

I’ve just found;  thus, it is possible to shift from building to supporting, but the goal of the Self-funding arm launch is vital, paramount for the mission no matter the logistical implementation or support of current efforts to join.

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