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Tam Bao Temple
975 Monterrey Blvd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815

Chua Bo De Buddhist Temple
English Turn neighborhood area
4386 Lincoln Street
Belle Chase, Louisiana

Hindu Temple of Greater New Orleans
3804 Transcontinental Dr., Metairie, Louisiana 70006

Thekchen Choling
2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945
Tibetan Temple
– to meditate, listen to lectures, and pray
– Offering Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, etcetera
– Married Lama speaks both English and Mandarin
+65 6466 3720

Kuang Chee Tng Buddhist Temple
125 Moulmein Road
Novena, Singapore 308081
+65 6251 3765

All Vegan Monasteries listed above have at least one priest or monk living on the property.

I’ve found https://www.permanentpeace.org/plan/, a “TM” organization (Transcendental Meditation) – which is a group based on a specific base meditation method & offers “advanced methods” as well. The link is to a residence program for advanced meditators.

LiveOakCircle.org / VeganVillages.org
goal of building Vegan Eco-Village Farming communities !


We seek to build a vegan eco-monastery organic gluten-free vegan farming community.

It is paramount to build a Mass Meditation Centers to raise global consciousness.

Community Meditations are vital; in Asia people come to the temples at night (when people aren’t working) to chant.
Qi Gong groups meet in parks.

In the u.S. we can initiate a mass community morning &/or evening meditation/prayer gatherings as well as group Qi Gong in parks. Retirees can have daytime mass meditation/prayer gatherings; it is important work to lift the unified field for all at all times in time-zones around the world.

In New Orleans, the Superdome is owned by Louisiana; the Superdome needs to be used as a 24 hour Mass Mediation Center!
Meditation is science, not religion!

It is paramount to build a Mass Meditation network to raise global consciousness.

Indian culture freely supports each neighborhood temple & to those dedicating their lives to practicing spiritual practices.

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Given excess funding, we will purchase surrounding properties for other monasteries to expand as it is so important to mass meditation & prayer to lift global consciousness.

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