Mass meditation has been the only scientifically proven way to reduce violence, terrorism, and Negative Events directly during the time of mass meditation. We need meditators in shifts 24 hours around the world.

The scientific principle of coherence teaches us that a global culture of supporting monasticism for those who choose that path helps humanity as a whole.

If any government funding is to be spent on violent crime reduction or terrorism reduction, the only proven method must be funded first.
Military is fully funded in the united States; by scientific logic, monasteries providing environments and monks for mass meditation and mass meditation centers should be fully funded.

The Unified Field is influenced positively by monasticism; mass meditation and mass prayer reduces negative events of everything from auto accidents to global terrorism during the time of meditation. To date, mass meditation and mass prayer has been the only scientifically proven method of crime reduction. When enlightened beings assemble, the consciousness coherence effect is multiplied exponentially.

Some schools have already begun, but we need all schools teaching meditation to change the world permanently. Every time zone meditating a designated time creates mass meditation time zone by time zone to bring forth harmony, unify, and reduce negative events from auto accidents to global terrorism by bringing coherence to the unified field.

Building Mass Meditation Centers, Organic Gluten-free Monastic Farming Eco-Villages in harmony with nature, and a Monastery is our mission.

We endeavor to create an organic gluten-free vegan monastic farm network with ascension chambers in harmony with nature, one at a time, to positively affect each local area and contribute to global harmony/lasting peace, tipping to unified field into positive coherence.

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This is a CE5 contact after meditation of a 6th density being reached out to in peace, harmony, & brotherhood.
Many of the Tibetan traditions have made it to 6th density. The original church painted many depictions of Jesus wrapped in rainbows or sitting on a rainbow, etcetera with portals behind Him; William Henry has photographed many of these original early Christian paintings, and they can be found on Gaia.

photon on the chest of Jesus next to the first photon images

“Ascension Keepers” (via Gaia) is an essential series to watch if one is Christian, Catholic, or some other form of follower of Jesus.

Jesus usually meditated in 2 7 day increments of 14 days…
Padmasambhava, of a different tradition, who was not celibate, attained light body (Rainbow Body, in the Tibetan / Bhutanese traditions)! – the original meaning of “Rainbow”… I heard a man on a radio talk show mention that American culture actually used to call children “Lambs”; a dark culture of bastardization turns “Lambs” into a satanic symbology of “Kids”(Goats). Pay attention to how “culture” “programs”.
It is vital to surround ourselves in communities of purity / goodness, of similar grounded hearts living close to the earth and connected to God / Source and His positive nature.
Padmasambhava transmuted dark energies into positive guardians.

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Coherence of all cells in the brain & entire body is what Daily Meditation achieves. That meditative state touches the energy around you & the unified field.

The only mission in the flesh is to attain (let go of everything that is not) the Light body (Rainbow Body), ascended (6th Density) state of being.

– Married Transcendentalist (also known as Married Vegan Monastic)

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Sometimes, I take the time to capitalize pronouns because “I” is no more Divine than “You”, “Them”, etcetera.

Our network of 3 websites: (our oldest Monastic site) associated with (Oldest Italian/Sicilian Society in New Orleans)(Building & Engaging in Community is important, whatever community of which one is a part.)

We must have the purity, sacredness, and honorable pursuit of a global monastic culture to have mass meditation whether that is the masses at home meditating or in mass meditation centers, which can easily be done by converting stadiums from celebrating conflict “sports” to mass meditation centers 🙂