Mass meditation has been the only scientifically proven way to reduce violence, terrorism, and Negative Events directly during the time of mass meditation. We need meditators in shifts 24 hours around the world.

If any government funding is to be spent on violent crime reduction or terrorism reduction, the only proven method must be funded first.
Military is fully funded in the united States; by scientific logic, Monasteries providing environments and monks for mass meditation should be fully funded.

Human needs can be met by Earthship construction methods, funding monasteries & mass meditation programs.
We can bring culture into alignment with community unity through goal oriented programs of assisting others when asked for help, rebuilding old systems of barn production(producing things in local barns), bartering, & distribution, and aiding neighbors when asked.

Culture is your enemy until it is reshaped/transmuted.

New Orleans has a violent crime issue so problematic that the military offered to come into New Orleans.
Louisiana is the fifth worst (46th of 50 states) in health care; let Us meditate and pray the corruption & laziness out of all medical “doctors” and medical staff in Louisiana. Building Cancer “treatment” facilities is not a solution when the industry standard treatments are absolutely corrupt to bring in money. Nixon changed hospitals from a service to for profit entities; this requires reversal.

We need to turn the Superdome into a mass meditation center! New Orleans is the only city in the nation to pay taxes to a football team owner family(the Bensons), for what?-a place to play childish conflict games on a massive financial scale? Who owns the Superdome?
Let’s use the Superdome for annual technological advancement shows & mass meditation in shifts.

Regarding “childish conflict games”:
Physics is clear: What We focus our attention upon we become; therefore, celebrating conflict games whether from childhood or not, literally programs the masses. (Likewise, every film and television show must follow the hero’s journey if it wants to be picked-up by major entities because it is intended to force mass programing. Life absolutely does not have to follow the good versus evil script…)
This is why in Tibet they stare at Buddha depictions for hours.
The same goes for Orthodox religions staring at Icons; They understood that We become what We focus upon.

Even if We have a culture of meditation at home & at break times at work(as in Oprah’s companies), the more people meditate – the more the collective aligns to coherent peace.

At the same time We must not blindly in passivity continue to allow aluminum to be sprayed in the atmosphere or other criminal black operations against humanity. When Dr. King was murdered, Asian monks asked why We hadn’t protected him.
Mass obedience has been brainwashed into young students to the point that Americans don’t recognize Their obligation to enforce the constitution as sovereign citizens; this is a tricky issue because We the People have to use the correct teared steps of escalation in rapid succession to deal with problems to get back on track – purity of Our nation – not DEALS made with the top rich percentile, which destroys freedom, the purity of the nation, and subverts humanity from prosperity in all aspects of life.
Our leaders will have to be switched from business-people to humanitarians. Here is a shock: we will have to turn from profit motive, which ruins everything. Don’t fear not knowing what to replace it with; as long as sovereign citizenship is maintained, we will make it through the transition just fine.

I may or may not develop a new governance Tab on to speak the truth because no One seems to be listening locally, in the murder capital of the nation (New Orleans). Corrupt Dominion voting machines proven to allow for changing votes and many more issues will be discussed. Scientists have none on record saying that 5G is mind-control technology.

There are foolproof ways to take legal action if One is so inclined; We can place commercial leans upon government entities and officials for failure to provide what They have promised…

If We do nothing to stop militant intelligence community rule other than mass meditation and prayer, then One better believe in “the Law of One”, which states that the federation of planets will only step in to help Us when We tip the coherent balance of mindset to authorize Them to lift Our galactic ≈quarantine. As stated in “the Law of One”, so far only individuals from this planet are in the federation of planets because only individuals have made it to higher density beings.

Meditate if You wish to graduate into a higher density being. Train the mind to be able to allow thoughts to move by like clouds without engaging them. Practice daily until no mind is achieved. Do this continuously until intense moments of enlightenment(feeling) occur. Don’t stop there. Intention is everything in meditation. If it is important to fulfill the self (gain Your powers) in order to have higher abilities to do good work, then You may have what it takes to fuel Your practice with that passion. Don’t forget Jesus said that ones with greater powers than He will be in the future. Padmasambhava also said that One with greater powers than He would be in the future. We are at a galactic energy field along the center plane of this galaxy that we travel like a sign wave through every 26,920 years, so use this opportunity to fulfill Yourself if that is your mission purpose too. We don’t all fall into a good fit with established monasteries; that is why we have to do either with what we have or build new ones.

Steven Greer’s CE5 initiative is not the only way/protocols.
Here is one:
I camped in a tent on public land in Colorado on a mountain with a view of Pike’s Peak. I fell asleep after inviting in peace higher beings; that night my wife woke me because she saw lights floating across another peak coming toward us; in fear – they stopped; they will not approach if you have fear because it was benevolent. I only invite benevolent higher beings…
Steven Greer’s website has more sixth density being photographs.
A photograph of a sixth density being:

Many of the Tibetan tradition have made it to this density. The original church painted many depictions of Jesus wrapped in rainbows or sitting on a rainbow, etcetera; William Henry has photographed many of these original early Christian paintings, and they can be found on Gaia.

On Arms Infringement & promoting non-violence:
We must have psychologists in public schools; if You have seen child abuse, then there is no question why in the free public school system this is needed. The first seven years can be traumatizing. These wounds must be healed and need role models absorbed into the child subconscious in order to produce non-violent behavior in the future. Arms Infringement upon law abiding sovereign citizens only makes people defenseless. Transmutation, purification, and ideal replacement / role model replacement can save abused children.
Children need to be taught to know themselves and be offered services in schools all the way through University.

We need a strong global monastic network to balance the scales.
When I say global I also mean True Monastics, not fake monks who were given to the monastery as children and never had the calling to show up on Their own; I have met many fake monks in Asia specifically.

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